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Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

At IPS, we believe in the power of continuous learning and development as a cornerstone of our success. IPS is not just a place to work; it's a place to grow, evolve, and thrive in your career. Our commitment to providing world-class learning and development is unwavering, and IPS University (IPSU) is proud to offer our employees a wide range of opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.  IPSU is the university that's all about you.


In a rapidly changing environment, the ability to adapt and learn is essential. We prioritize ongoing learning and development initiatives to ensure that our employees' skills remain not just relevant but cutting-edge. We foster a culture of learning, encouraging a growth mindset, knowledge sharing, and providing opportunities for you to expand your skills and expertise. Your unique needs, preferences, and learning styles matter to us. That's why we customize training programs to ensure maximum engagement and knowledge retention.


Our IPSU programs are aligned with our shared values and strategic objectives, addressing the specific needs and challenges of our workforce. We believe in comprehensive and effective learning experiences, which is why we combine various learning methods, from instructor-led training to e-learning modules and on-the-job training. Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a powerful tool that serves as a platform for learning, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing and houses a catalog of over 500 courses.

IPS also offers tuition reimbursement and other benefits as part of our competitive compensation. Read about the details in IPS Careers.


We are committed to keeping you ahead of the learning curve by providing diverse learning opportunities and leveraging technology to deliver flexible and accessible training experiences. We're at the forefront of innovation, exploring virtual and augmented reality, and cutting-edge technology to provide you with the best learning experiences. Our commitment to evolving training strategies allows us to meet the changing needs of our organization and its employees. We identify leadership capacity in all roles, ensuring that leadership opportunities are not limited to a select few. At IPS, we empower employees to drive continuous improvement and work smarter, safer, and more efficiently.

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